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Choose from our Food Courts dining options.

Where you can eat at an authentic  dishes, cafe and grab quick bite.

Huge Food-Court

PVR cinemas is the largest and the most premium film and retail entertainment company in India. The brand is redefine way entertainment is consumed in India. It currently operates a cinemas circuit comprising of 471 screens in 106 properties in 44 cities pan India.

7 Screen Multiplex

GameZone’s reviews reflect long game-play experience, and they pull no punches. Nor are the reviews overwrought—they make their point and then rate the game, numerically on a scale of 1 to 10 and with a few lines of commentary, according to game play, graphics, sound quality, difficulty, concept, multiplayer mode, and overall experience. Unlike some gamer’s sites, GameZone does a good job of keeping up with games as they come out. The site sorts games by genre, and has breakout sections for top-rated games and new releases.


There are several components to overall physical fitness. The primary building blocks are  muscular strength and flexibility. Other factors include muscle-to-fat ratio (body composition), agility, sense of balance, and reaction time (especially important for sports). The health benefits of physical fitness are both physical and mental, lowering your risk for many diseases, while helping to increase longevity and improve your self-esteem and ability to manage stress.